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A Guide to Incorporating Baskets in Your Home

Baskets aren't just for storage; they are versatile decor pieces that add warmth, texture and functionality to any space. At Basketly, we pride ourselves on offering a curated collection of handcrafted baskets that blend seamlessly with various interior styles.

Whether you're looking to organize, decorate, or simply add a touch of natural beauty to your home, Basketly baskets are the perfect choice.

Living Room Charm
In the living room, use baskets to store throws, magazines, or remote controls. A large woven basket beside the couch can hold extra blankets for those cozy winter nights.

Smaller baskets on shelves or coffee tables can organise books and other items keeping your space clutter-free.

Bathroom Bliss
Bathrooms often lack storage, but baskets can help. Use them to store towels, toiletries and cleaning supplies. A woven basket under the sink or on a shelf adds a spa-like feel to the room while keeping essentials within easy reach.

Bedroom Sanctuary
In the bedroom, baskets are perfect for storing extra pillows, blankets, or even laundry. Place a large basket at the foot of the bed for a stylish storage solution. Smaller baskets on nightstands can hold books, glasses, or other nighttime necessities.

Kid-Friendly Spaces
For those with children, baskets are a lifesaver. They make it easy to quickly tidy up toys, books, and games. Choose sturdy baskets that can withstand daily use and make cleanup fun for the little ones.

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Let’s make our homes more beautiful and functional together. Happy decorating!

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