Basketly's Top Basket Suggestions for Your Home

Basketly's Top Basket Suggestions for Your Home

 At Basketly, we love sourcing and designing stylish storage solutions and pride ourselves on bringing you uniquely curated baskets to suit your décor needs perfectly. We also believe you can never have too many baskets or run out of ways to use them.

Herewith are our current top picks for using baskets in your homes:

Firewood baskets: Amplify the ambience by cosying up next to the fireplace this winter. Look no further than our Rattan Square Storage Baskets on Wheels to keep your firewood handy. They are a convenient wood transport solution, and their looks add rustic appeal to any living space.

Basket on wheels

Blanket and throw baskets: Keeping with the cosy, our new Rattan Rectangle Baskets are perfect for blankets and throws in bedrooms, living rooms or guest quarters.

 Baskets for blankets and pillows

Wardrobe besties: Although most of our baskets are an excellent fit for a wardrobe revamp, we must highlight our Round Hemp Tied Wired Basket with Hemp Inner. These sturdy baskets come in different sizes and are great for keeping clothing closet items together. Think socks and underwear, belts and accessories or extending shoes' longevity by storing them upright. The uses are endless and will do wonders for your wardrobe.

Round Hemp Tied Wire Basket

Rugs are it: Nothing creates a holiday home feel quite like a Natural Grass Woven Rug. Send some relaxation vibes your home's way with one (or more) of our handwoven rugs in our Rugly Basketly range.

Rugly Collection

Do put your laundry in the corner: Our exquisite-looking Laundry Baskets are a sight for sore eyes. Our Rattan Laundry Basket Range features different shapes and sizes; some are complete with Linen Inner Bags. Round, rectangular or even corner baskets. We have the perfect laundry basket for your space. 

Rectangle Laundry Basket 

One can use baskets for much more than just storage. They are versatile décor pieces, aesthetically pleasing and offer a different way to display your home items. Visit our online collections and charm any area with our Basketly range of functional, convenient, versatile basket solutions.


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