Create Calm and Make Comfort at Home in 2023

Create Calm and Make Comfort at Home in 2023

There is something transformational about the turn of a calendar year – a feeling or vibe that accompanies the first week in January. It comes with high energy levels and a mental readiness to organise and declutter our lives.

New York Times best-selling author, podcaster and speaker Gretchen Rubin states that "outer order contributes to inner calm", and we most certainly agree. Our home lives are more effortless when simplified and efficient when organised. That's why we've conducted a how-to on getting your 2023 off to a neat start with the following clutter-clearing and storage solution tips.

1. Live by lists

Get Organised With a List

Making lists is the best way to set goals and visualise your productivity. It's also excellent to mark progress by crossing something off and to hold you accountable for the things you are yet to do, such as admin, chores or starting with your household decluttering. Keep it organised with a planner or a wall organiser, and don't add to your clutter by writing on pieces of paper that get left everywhere.

2. Hook up your entryway         


By adding hooks to your main exit and entryway, you essentially create vertical storage for anything that requires regular access. Think dog leads, umbrellas, raincoats and your Ally handwoven Shopping Bag or Breezly Beach Bag.


3. Stop, and let it drop

Grey Two-Tone Bowl

    A natural grass-woven bowl is an answer to avoiding lost keys, missing remote controls, and finding his wallet and even sunglasses. Furthermore, keeping these items in one place prevents a stressful home exit before work.

    4. Handy hideaways

    Baskets are an excellent solution for decluttering your living areas. Tuck smaller baskets containing remotes, chargers and cables in the shelves below the television and use larger, woven baskets for keeping extra throws perfect for movie nights within reach of the sofa.

    5. Multi-functional furniture pieces


    An ottoman or coffee table with hidden storage is another great way to conceal items when not in use. Organise your lounge look with secret storage for things like books, toys and coasters whilst serving leisure or entertainment purposes.

    6. Keep your cool in the kitchen.

    • Cook or not, a calm kitchen is a must for any home. Start the new year by saying goodbye to chipped mugs, crockery, and all gadgets and appliances you don't use.
    • Meal planning is a must because it saves money and curbs food waste. Invest in airtight food containers to freeze leftovers, thus saving time on busy nights.
    • Sort through messy kitchen drawers and calm the chaos with dividers.
    • Pull out your pantry, wipe the shelves and organise food items in containers with the most-used items at eye level. Perfect your pantry with baskets that group smaller and miscellaneous products.

    7. Wardrobes that work

    If there is a culprit for causing unnecessary stress, it's the wardrobe. Make it your mantra to look to the seasons and incorporate long-term strategies to deal with wardrobe congestion.

    • Start sorting out your wardrobe according to the season and storing out-of-season items in vacuum-sealed bags.
    • Colour-code your clothes and hang or fold them and place them together.
    • Incorporate baskets for grouping belts, underwear and socks and for organising your shoes by storing them upright in baskets.

    8. Bathroom bliss

      Being one of the most frequented rooms in any home makes it crucial to streamline bathroom routines, mainly since these occur during morning peak hours or at night. Organising experts agree that bathrooms tend to disarray fairly quickly because most people are at a loss when practically sorting them out. Whether you have a big or small bathroom, the following applies:

      • First, you declutter by taking everything out for inspection. You then throw out empty containers, stray QTIPs or cotton buds, check product expiration dates, create product categories, eliminate duplicates such as too many shampoos or types of soap you never use and note items that require restocking.
      • Secondly, you create product categories and group items accordingly. For example, your morning and evening routine versus products less frequented.
      • Thirdly, and most importantly, you invest in bathroom storage to keep things neat and organised.

      Your bathroom will be in for a treat with our Organiser Set, which comes in three sizes and is ideal for holding toilet paper, stacking face towels and giving all your bathroom odds and ends a home. The Basketly Rattan Range answers to durable under-shelving storage and wall baskets should you want things within reach. And let's not forget to pretty up your place with a basket that hides your dirty laundry.

      At Basketly, we are all for homely welcomes and comfortable spaces, and with our assortment of baskets, we are sure to deliver on all your organising needs. Visit our website and create calm with our range of natural, handmade storage solutions and baskets.
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