Home is the best place to be with Newly Basketly.

At Basketly, we believe that all occasions are cause for celebrations, and by that, we don't only look for calendar events but love highlighting even special simplicities. This month we'll highlight and enjoy a Basketly significance fit for all occasions – our Newly Collection.

To fully appreciate beauty and function, we've grouped our range by rooms and stepped outside to showcase some baskets' multi-functionality. Simplistic yet stylish. Practical yet pretty. Convenient yet modern.

Allow us some of the introductions:

Good looking gardens and garages and perfecting that porch.

Your home exterior first meets your visitor's eye, and adding personal touches makes any visit more inviting. Our rattan range of flower and round bottom garden baskets is a great way to display herbs and potted plants. The tapered flower baskets pose an array of uses, from carrying your dinner table picks to drying flowers and herbs and looking pretty. Our sturdy, easy-to-carry picnic baskets are great for keeping herb or flower gardening tools handy, storing magazines and books for porch reads or basketing the must-haves for fun impromptu picnics at home. Your garage need never be a sore eye. Keep things tidy with shallow baskets that conveniently come in three sizes for smaller tools, tape, gloves etc., and utilise the depth of the rectangle storage baskets for anything from cans to cables.


Grand entrances, dashing dining rooms and living space luxe.

The pleasure of meeting your acquaintance starts in these three rooms, and they are also serving the purpose of getting comfortable and building relationships over visits and dinner parties. Our small chest is a clever way to keep napkins, cards, and games for after-dinner play handy. The open weave or dark or natural bamboo tray selections suit all serving purposes and can also be used to keep condiments or carry snacks or coffee accompaniments. Use our larger, woven baskets for keeping extra throws perfect for movie nights within reach of the sofa and our wheeled baskets for holding and transporting wood for the fireplace.

Blissful bedrooms and beyond.

Our bedrooms and bathrooms should be our sanctuaries to unwind and refresh for the days ahead. Organise your morning and night-time routines by grouping items in our rectangular, tapered storage baskets in four sizes for all your bathroom basics. You can even contain your trash beautifully with our square trash basket and grow to love your laundry, especially when it's hidden in one of our tall, d-shaped or open-weaved laundry baskets. Incorporate the new open-weaved round baskets in your wardrobe for grouping belts, underwear and socks and for organising your shoes by storing them upright in baskets.


Kitchen kindness and areas to study, work or play.

These rooms and areas have dedicated purposes, and because we utilise them frequently, they tend to fall into disarray easily. Fortunately, the Newly Basketly range has an assortment of baskets to suit all display, organising or storage solutions. Any basket is a kitchens match made in heaven, but we have to highlight the following:

  • The rattan range of round tapered baskets or open weave potato baskets available in three sizes answers all your kitchen storage problems.
  • The small round flower basket and tapered storage baskets make for pantry perfection.
  • Any of our deep or bamboo trays are perfect for serving snacks or coffee accompaniments.

Past the kitchen perimeter, we find playrooms quickly sorted with round, square or corner baskets with lids and rounded faux leather handles for quick carrying. Work and study in an organised environment with rectangle storage baskets for office and study supplies and even an excellent-looking tissue box to store your softies.


Basketly is a beautifully curated homeware collection that will suit your décor needs perfectly, and although we continue to bring you new collections, all our items remain timeless. Apart from their decorative appeal, the beauty of our range also lies in their durability and versatility. We made the suggestions, but it's up to you to find their perfect place in your home.  Visit our Newly Basketly collection on our website and order yours today. Alternatively, you can book an appointment via the contact number or online booking form.

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