Make Room for Luxury and Love Your Home

Make Room for Luxury and Love Your Home

What is luxury? What makes a place exude sophistication and splendour?

Is it grand entrances, quiet nooks, lavish gardens, modern finishes, personal touches, or sleek furniture?

Luxury is a matter of preference and more personal than we realise. When answering to the luxury of a house, you must know what luxury means to you.

Contrary to popular belief, luxury and sophistication do not always require expensive furnishings or décor but rather an aesthetic eye and some creativity. By knowing your style sense and expressing your taste throughout your spaces, you can steer your home down the opulence lane without the weight of hefty price tags.

Now, we realise that only some people's eyes are as inclined to design elements, which is why we bring you a few of our top tips for giving luxury a place in your home without breaking the bank.

  1. Lighting

Lighting in any space affects the overall mood, and with the proper fixtures, you can amp up the ambience big time. Dimmers call for a comfortable feel but can be adjusted to suit the needs of any space. A chandelier above your bed or dining table can add some drama, and accent lighting can highlight a feature wall, draw the eye to decorative displays, etc.

  1. Lamp revamp

Upcycle old lamps by swapping shades for something sophisticated. Alternatively, repaint the base or select a fabric paint in a modern or accent colour for the current lampshade.

  1. Scented sophistication

Smell generates three-quarters of all emotions. It affects mood, evokes emotion, helps you concentrate and recalls a memory. It also affects spontaneous brain activities and cognitive functions. Think of any five-star hotel, spa or high-end shop you recently visited. Smell nice? You can create a luxurious home experience at the light of a candle.

  1. Rearrange furniture

Change the layout or swap furniture pieces from room to room. A simple yet super way to create an updated look for free!

  1. Cords and cables

Hide cords and cables around the house for an organised, polished look. Cord covers and concealers or protectors come in different colours and even fabrics.

  1. Baskets

Baskets add natural and textural elements to any space and double as decorative and storage additions. Tuck smaller baskets containing remotes, chargers and cables in the shelves below the television and use larger, woven baskets to keep extra throws or store towels in any bathroom.

  1. Paint it white

White walls make a room look bigger because it reflects all light maximising the natural light, thus lightening and brightening any space. An open invitation for luxury!

  1. Pretty pillows

Update and refresh your pillow cushions with new covers in the latest colours. It is an inexpensive and easy way to an instantly updated look for bedrooms and living areas.

  1. Nature is now

No matter the trend, nature will always be in fashion. Flowers are the perfect accent details to add to your coffee tables or countertops, and fresh flowers will fill your home with aromas that spell sophistication and comfort. Greenery also creates positive atmospheres and looks excellent in natural baskets.

  1. Rug rescue

Large or oversized rugs create the illusion of a prominent space. Hand-woven rugs or rugs made from natural materials are rare buys and add a sense of exclusivity to any room.

Coco Chanel stated, "Luxury must be comfortable; otherwise, it is not luxury", and Basketly agrees. We find our happy place in home comforts, and for us, that is priceless.

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